Michael A. Gray, choir composer; Michael Gray

What’s here:

- Free scores

- Original choir music

- Music for secondary schools and churches

- Contact information

What’s new: (see the Originals tab)

  1. -“Full many a glorious Morning” (SAB, piano)

  2. -“Farewell” (SAB, piano)

  3. -“Music to Hear” (SAB, piano)

  4. -“Is it thy Will” (SAB)

These pieces were also introduced during the Pandemic...

  1. -“Orison” (SATB)

  2. -“Will there really be a “Morning”? (Baritone Solo, SAB)

  3. -“Some say thy fault is youth” (SAB, piano)

  4. -“Since I left you” (SAB, piano)