Born in Los Angeles, 1954

Married to Leslie K. Gray

Interests in Astronomy, History, Hiking


John S. Waddell (composition)

Dr. Howard Swan (choir)

Dr. John Cooksey (adolescent voices)

Contributions to Music Education publications:

-“Choruses Selected” by Morris Hayes (G. Schirmer, 1980-1985)

-“Essential Repertoire for the Developing Choir” by Janice Killian (Hal Leonard, 1996)

-“Essential Elements for Choir” by Emily Crocker (McGraw-Hill, 2001)

-“Choral Music; Methods and Materials” by Barbara Brinson (Cengage Learning, 2013)


Available for commissions.

Note that Leslie K. Gray also provided the angel photos and wrote many of the lyrics in the music.

Please let us know if your choir is doing one of Gray’s pieces; we’d like to see your videos and mp3s. -Thanks!